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Make it a Treat

Don’t feel like practicing? Make it a treat!

Some days I really don't feel like practicing at all! But one must! Therefore, I’ve been asking myself “How can I enjoy the process?” Might sound silly, I know, but it can be strangely powerful! Lately, I have tried to answer that question and combined it with my 10-minute technique when I absolutely do not feel like practicing what’s in front of me.

For 10 minutes, I try to really treat myself, to make practicing feel as “delicious” as possible. I play at exactly the tempo I want. I try to feel as comfortable as I possibly can, aiming for a super good posture. I try to get the most beautiful, most self-indulging sound I can of the instrument. I'll repeat a note, a string crossing, a bow change, or a shift 10 times if I feel like it. I just try to make it feel like a huge treat.

Strangely enough, comes the 10-minute mark, I’m usually relaxed and ready to go! I've been able to trick myself into really good practicing sessions out of just doing that simple thing. Try it out for size! (Read more about my 10-minute technique at this address: )


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