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Dr Renée-Paule Gauthier presents
Practicing for Peak Performance


The blueprint to transform your practice – so you can be ready to rock any stage with unshakeable confidence when under pressure!


"For a long time I have had this belief that learning an instrument is difficult and hard work or that it has to be and there is no other way. Now only a few weeks after PPP, I am starting to feel that change! My everyday practice sessions are now filled with freedom and ease!"

~ Karmen Palusoo

Flutist and Student, PPP alumnus

If you’ve ever stood on stage and thought …

“Wait, what’s going on?! This sounded fine just yesterday… and now?! So many mistakes! So frustrating! SO MUCH WORK for a whole lot of nothing!!”


… trust me, you are NOT alone my friend!

And the good news is — you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re …
  • a professional (or soon-to-be-pro!) orchestra player, looking to upgrade your practice game, and uplevel your performance ...

  • a teacher, desperate to help your students find more joy (and waste less time!) in the practice room ...

  • or in this purely for love and beauty of music, maybe coming back to practicing after a break or an injury ...

… the fact that you’re here
tells me you’re looking for something MORE.

Maybe you’re ...

If you’re nodding your head to any of that,


is for YOU!


You’ll discover the proven tools you need to TRANSFORM your daily practice and find the flow that powers peak performance


— so you can be ready to rock any stage with unshakeable confidence (even under pressure!)


So how do you grab YOUR chance to catch this unique, performance-transforming event?!


"Before PPP, I was worried about fitting everything I wanted to practice with good quality into the available time. Through PPP, I learned about alignment as a guiding principle of practicing and I was able to clarify the structure of my practice sessions. Renée helped me realize that there is no separation between practicing and performing. It is all exploring the instrument and making music. PPP has solidified my overall level of joy in what I am doing in music."

~ Anne Brüggemann

PPP alumnus

Everyone and their coffee cup knows that effective practice is the key to perfect performance preparation…

So WHY is it that no matter how much you practice, you just don’t get the consistent progress — and joyful, confident performances — you long for?

Great question! And here’s what I think.


It’s not a matter of how MUCH you practice — it’s a matter of how MINDFULLY you practice.

Think of it this way.


Have you ever made a car journey so many times with Google Maps that you feel like you could drive it with your eyes closed…

but then one day your phone battery dies — and you’re lost after the first turn!?

The reason is that when you practiced that route you weren’t fully ‘in it.’

Because Google was guiding you, there was no need to be present to what was happening in your mind and body, at every intersection, every curve in the road, every stop light and landmark …

So when it came to performing the journey ‘solo’

– you just weren’t fully prepared!


And it’s the same with our music practice.

We’re taught from the start to simply ‘put in more hours’ in the practice room if we want to see success

But you already know in your heart that repeating the same tired techniques over and over, and getting hung up in the same mindless routines, is getting you nowhere


(and leaving you ever more frustrated and disheartened, as all your hard work feels like a total waste of effort!)


I get it, believe me!

And that’s why I want to invite you to join me in this online course, where I'm going to share my proven Deep Practice Model™ — for super-powerful mindful practice, fast-track progress, and rock-solid performance (even under pressure!).

Practicing for Peak Performance

online course for musicians

Proven tools to transform your practice – so you can release the shackles of old practice hang-ups, find the flow that powers peak performance, and be ready to rock any stage with unshakeable confidence!


It's time to start


The online course that gives YOU the proven tools to transform your practice – so you can be ready to rock any stage with unshakeable confidence (even under pressure!)



Image by Weston MacKinnon


Video trainings

+ lifetime access to the full recordings

Printable PDF handouts

+ worksheets

Private PPP Facebook Group

+ community

FREE Access to

Teacher Training Workshop

Practicing for Peak Performance gives you all the tools and inspiration you need to transform every minute in the practice room from stressful frustration to optimal flow — 

so you can get back on track to loving the practice room, rocking the stage, and taking your performance to new heights!

Image by Weston MacKinnon

PLUS, when you sign up for Practicing for Peak Performance, you’ll ALSO have the exclusive opportunity to ...

get discounted access to the Music Mastery Experience — a complete transformational journey to loving the practice room, rocking the stage, winning the job, and taking your career to new heights! (Your investment in the Practicing for Peak Performance workshop will go towards MME when you sign up for the spring session.)

get bonus trainings from the Music Mastery Experience

join me at the Deep Practice Model™ Teacher Training Workshop (live dates TBF) for free — learn how to teach the Deep Practice Model™ to students of all ages and all levels, in this priceless 3-hour workshop.


So what do you think?

Are you IN?!




violinist, teacher, performance coach, writer, clinician, yogi, wife, mother, aspiring hiker, personal growth junkie ...


and I help curious, committed musicians like you learn to practice purposefully, so you can perform to your full potential (even under pressure!)

That’s a lot of ‘P’s!


When I started teaching violin at the college level a few years ago, I realized that so many students were playing in a ‘default mode’ — they were simply moving the bow on the strings for hours, without intention or focused awareness … and they thought that was practicing!


No wonder their progress was so slow, and their performances subpar — it was heartbreaking!


So to help these students get way more out of every minute in the practice room, I developed my Deep Practice Model™ — a powerful system combining a deliberate practice frame and three specific mindful mindsets (bare awareness, beginner’s mind, and self-compassion).


The results were amazing! My students’ progress picked up rapidly — and their performances began to soar!

Now my goal is to invite ALL musicians to pause and reflect before jumping into mindless practice routines — to work in a more deliberate, purposeful, and effective way.


I don’t need to tell you, the art of practicing is so often associated with grueling, painful, unpleasant work — a necessary evil to get you to the concert stage! But you know, it doesn’t have to be that way! By being intentional, fully aware, and feeling free to get as creative as you want in your problem-solving approach…


you can make practice itself one of the most rewarding and FUN parts of being a musician!


 And when you approach your practicing this way, your performing will peak like never before!

In Practicing for Peak Performance,
I’ll help you bring purpose, mindfulness, and (dare I say it?!) joy back to your practice and performance — because you know what? It IS actually possible to progress rapidly, perform optimally, AND enjoy the process!


"I have the tools to improve and the courage to use the tools. the first time I have ever walked away from playing and felt proud of the work I had done!!"

~ Jaimi Grether

Freelance Musician


Here’s what we’ll cover ...


Setting you up for success

  • Understanding all the reasons why we don’t perform at our best

  • Taking inventory — getting clarity on where we are right now, and where we want to be

  • Goal setting

  • Reverse engineering the steps toward your goal

  • Devising your tracking system — what and how to track your progress

  • Priming techniques for effective practice

  • Warm-up + technique work strategies


Empowered Mindful Practice Methods + Mindsets for meticulous preparation

  • The Deep Practice Model™ + deliberate practice fundamentals

  • Memorization

  • Drills + skill builders

  • Efficient mindful mindsets

  • Using creativity to enhance practice

  • Nurturing focus

  • How to record yourself for maximum progress


Thorough Conditioning + Roadmap to flow

  • Planning

  • Adversity training

  • Mental preparation + performance anxiety management

  • Neuro-associative conditioning         

  • Physical preparation

  • Expression + interpretation

  • Mock performances and auditions

  • Dress rehearsal strategies

  • ‘Day of’ logistics



Still have questions?

I LOVE that about you!


And here are some answers ...

Who exactly is PPP for?

The Practicing for Peak Performance workshop series is for ALL curious, committed classical musicians who are tired of spending so much time and energy slogging away in the practice room, for SO LITTLE progress!


Whether you’re a professional orchestra player (or you’re studying to become one!) and you’re looking to upgrade your practice game for unshakeable performance confidence ...


or a teacher, desperate to help your students find more joy (and waste less time!) in the practice room ...


or you play purely for love of music, and you’d love to make better progress toward truly expressing the beauty you hear in your head …


the Practicing for Peak Performance workshops will show you how to end your practice frustrations, and quickly uplevel from shaky, hit-or-miss player to confident, Peak Performer — any time, any stage, anywhere!

Money is tight right now … how do I know this will be worth it?

My friend, if the ticket investment feels like a big chunk of cash to part with right now, I totally get it!


So I’d love you to think about the huge return you’re going to see on this investment ... compared to all the other ways you could spend your time and money this summer.


How much will it be worth to you to discover how to finally break the practice patterns and habits holding you back, and get the proven tools you need to transform the quality and enjoyment of both your practice time AND your performances?

Even more questions? You can reach me here




"I never had a concrete way of to incorporating visualization/mental preparation into my practice routine, so I appreciate having a goal-oriented framework and the opportunity  to explore this more!”

~ Jacqueline Jove

Violinist, Educator, Arts Industry Leader

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