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Choosing When I'm Sweating

Choosing where I’m sweating = Alignment over effort

Last Monday morning, I was not quite in the mood to go back to work after a long weekend spent playing and going on adventures with the kids. My head was full of twirling thoughts as I was staring at a super long to-do list. I was totally indecisive about how to attack the day and completely unmotivated to tackle the things that had to be done.

I realized I needed to dramatically change my state. I needed to put myself first. I needed to treat myself to something extremely valuable: alignment!

Before I played one note or sent one email, I laced up my shoes and went for a nice long (slow) run. I listened to my favorite songs, got my blood flowing, let my thoughts sort themselves, and allowed new ideas to take over. I came back home with a clear plan of action and a true drive to get started.

Running gets me invigorated and inspired all at once. How can I so frequently forget how something so simple can have such a powerful impact on the rest of my day!? For me, sweating on the road always prevents unnecessary sweating in the studio. (Or, at least, sweating in the studio for the wrong reasons - hint: mindless practicing!!!).

Alignment over effort is always time well spent! I’m using the same trick this morning!


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