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Creativity, Vulnerability, Courage

Inspiration to practice and perform more mindfully really can come in many forms! Yesterday, it came in the shape of a podcast, Crushing Classical Fireside Chat no. 28 - Dismantling "creativity", where Tracy and Eileen discussed the different components of creativity. Expanding from that topic, it got me thinking about the many things that can come from just showing up. It was such a great reminder about standing in my truth and courageously confronting vulnerability.

In performance, the eagerness to play perfectly and the fear of any flaw is actually what prevents me from playing my best. Always. I want to remember to have the courage to stand in my truth and be accepting, even welcoming, of my humanity and vulnerability.

If I expand on this even further, thinking of all the performances where I have felt comfortable and was truly playing my best, they always happened when I was playing from a place of joy and letting go of perfection. So I challenge myself to always reach in and try to find that place of inner joy, in both practicing and performing.

By the way, I don't mean to suggest that one should wallow in mediocrity! I find it hard to believe that anyone would find joy and pride in the pursuit of sub-par experiences! The work must be done and the price must be paid. The preparation must be thorough! We put in the time in the practice room and enjoy the freedom on stage, showing up in our truth, courageously, accepting to look human and vulnerable.


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