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Summer is Coming

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” ― Rumi

Exams are over, library books have been returned, and summer is slowly making its way here. If you are a serious high school level violin student, you most likely will not take summer off from practicing. If you are a college music major, you most definitely should not.

Like the beginning of a new year, the end of the school year offers a lot of possibilities for fresh starts and reinventions. While having fewer deadlines and more independence can make it easy to slack off, it also allows you to slow down, re-think everything at a deep, personal level.

It lets you work at your own pace and in your own ways. With proper planning and the resolve to stick to your plan, summer can become a wonderful time of thoughtful exploration and strength building. It is the perfect time to take out your microscope and examine in depth aspects which might have been neglected in the midst of the school life bustle. In a previous post, I explain that it is up to each student to internalize the principles established by his/her teacher through diligent work and concentrated reflection. Summer gives you a great opportunity to do this.

Here are a few ways to make this summer effective/meaningful/fun.