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Practice - That Often Dreaded Word.

One of my favorite parts of my career is that I get to meet incredible artists/humans with inspiring minds and beautiful souls! Stephen Sitarski is one of those people! I have for a long time been a big fan of his amazing violin playing and I have a huge respect for him as a person. I feel incredibly fortunate that he has allowed me to share his wonderful insight on practicing here on my blog. Please visit is website (, read through his awesome posts on Facebook (, and most definitely try to catch one of his concerts if you’re nearby! More information on him and his career below. And now, on to Steve!


Practice - that often dreaded word. We love to PLAY. We love to PERFORM. But the process of actually learning and preparing music is, in fact, work. Does it need to be unpleasant? Tedious? No to both questions. Does it need to be exacting, engaging, and sometimes exhausting? Yes.

The key to effective practice is organisation, and a sense of purpose. And, of course, a fundamental understanding of how we learn and retain information, and how we train our brains, nerves, reflexes and muscles to fu