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Frustrated with your playing? 

Unsatisfied with you career?

Feeling stuck in the practice room? 
Unsatisfied on stage? 
Not sure how to guide your students to practice better and progress faster? 
Not getting the work you want? 
Wondering where to head to next in your career?

In short...  Ready for a change?

Whatever your challenge, you don't have to go at it alone, and I can help! 
Get in touch and let’s discuss how to get you from where you are to where you want to be!
In our conversation, we’ll discuss your goals, analyze the issues, and we’ll come up with a
plan that works for you!
My strategies and methods can help you:
  • Establish a vision for your life and career
  • Decide on a plan of action to create the career of your dreams
  • Elevate your technique and get more bang for your buck in the practice room
  • Learn repertoire faster
  • Gain confidence about your playing
  • Perform better and ENJOY IT!!!
  • Win jobs and make more money
  • Have a clear process to guide your students to practicing efficiently and progress faster
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Let’s talk and get you feeling motivated, enthusiastic, confident, and successful in all aspects of your music-making experience!

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