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Want to make the most out of your summer?

Set goals. Follow the system. Succeed.

The Violin Mastery Camp is a highly personalized
two-month experience that will provide young motivated middle and high school violinists with all the tools they need to elevate their practicing and their performing in a supportive and motivating environment.
Using my signature Deep Practice Model, we will explore violin techniques, practicing methods, and
optimal performance preparation systems that will have everyone ready to hit the ground running come September.
My strategies and methods will help students:
  • Elevate their technique and get more results in the practice room
  • Learn repertoire faster
  • Gain confidence about their playing
  • Perform better and ENJOY IT!!!
  • Learn how to prepare optimally for auditions, performances, and competitions
  • Master a clear process to practicing efficiently and progressing faster

Students will get 

• Four (4) 1-hour private lessons (2/month)
• Two (2) 2-hour group training sessions on practicing and playing fundamentals including:
          o Violin fundamental technique regimen + how to practice efficiently using the Deep
             Practice Model
          o Practice for optimal performance + how to prepare for auditions, competitions, and
• Two (2) 2-hour studio classes
• Daily check-ins and weekly accountability
• Private Facebook group for ongoing support and additional violin tips
• Unlimited email/text support
• Handouts and practice templates
• Final performance (Zoom recital - August 15, 2020)


Free access to the ILMEA Preparation Workshop including:

• 90-minute ILMEA repertoire step-by-step practice training
• Marked parts (fingerings, bowings, and performance instructions)
• Detailed practice plan
• Practice chart 



Students will be expected to

• Dedicate 1 to 3 hours a day to their instrument (1 hour minimum) 5 days a week
• Attend the coachings and the studio classes
• Check in daily (Monday through Friday) via the post in the Facebook group
• Turn in their accountability report at the end of each week


Dates: June 15 – August 15, 2020

Medium: Zoom Video Conferencing, FaceTime, Telephone, and Private Facebook group
Cost: $950
Limit: 5 students (this ensures maximum personalization in the trainings & studio classes)

N.B. Recordings of all trainings & studio classes will be accessible at all times
For additional information, or if you have any questions,
please email Dr. Gauthier at


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