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Starting June 1st, 2022

Everything you need to
perform with confidence
on stage and everywhere else!

If you think this would change your life…
… then this program is for YOU!

Dr. Renée-Paule Gauthier

Invites you to join :




A life-changing experience for all musicians, starting June 1st, 2022


Spots are limited.

This program is for you if you’re…


… an established performer and/or teaching artist wanting to take your career to new heights…


…a young musician at the start of your journey and reaching for the stars…


… a teacher wanting to guide your students to excellence…


… a passionate amateur wanting to revitalize your personal practice…

Inside the Music Mastery Experience, you’ll learn effective practice techniques, master peak performance preparation methods, implement productive habits, and get RESULTS! 


NO MORE WAITING to begin performing at your best!

"Renée has brought incredible value to my life as a musician. With her sincerity she creates a safe space to grow. The support, knowledge and guidance she provides has deeply transformed my practice and my confidence as a violinist. Definitely the best investment of 2020!"

- Ingel Mättas - 



"Under Renée’s instruction, I have grown immensely as both a musician and a person. Renée has pushed me to constantly strengthen the finest technical details of my playing while adding deeper artistry to my performance, resulting in many successes.


The positive learning environment she creates has helped me gain greater confidence in myself as well as value the importance of patience and perseverance in pursuing my long-term goals.


Without question, I definitely would not be the musician that I am today without Renée!"

- Rebecca Edmunson - 


Have you ever stood on stage and thought…

“What’s going on? Who’s this person playing?

Nothing feels good, nothing feels familiar!

Why am I so uncomfortable?

This sounded so great just yesterday!”


Or walked away saying to yourself...

“Well, that was a lot of work for a whole lot of nothing!

So many sacrifices for such an awful experience!

So many mistakes!  This is so disappointing!”


How about the frustrations in the practice room?

"I'm not sure what to do!  Where do I even begin?"

Feeling stuck, tensed, unfocused, inadequate, less-than.


We’ve all experienced those feelings of powerlessness and anger at some point or another.  In the practice room, in rehearsal, and in performances.



Mind First and Foremost… 


When we approach music-making mindfully, with a clear purpose, and we know how to channel ATTENTION and INTENTION, powerful things can happen!

Getting intentional about attention

is the antidote to stagnation!


  • Walking in the practice room KNOWING exactly what to do and how to do it

  • Getting more BANG for your buck in the practice room and using each minute to the fullest

  • Learning repertoire faster and BETTER

  • Knowing exactly what WORKS when it comes to performance preparation

  • Being rid of the bad habits that SABOTAGE your progress in the practice room

  • Having the mindsets that can BOOST YOUR PRACTICE into hyper-drive

  • Knowing your effective performance prep strategies got you in an OPTIMAL PERFORMING STATE

  • Walking on stage feeling super CONFIDENT and ready to rock

  • Feeling FREE and at total ease while you perform

  • Winning the job of your DREAMS

  • Walking away having achieved YOUR goals

  • Having CLARITY when it's time to make decisions about your career

  • Feeling EMPOWERED in your life


Feeling that your music-making is


retouched photo by monica.jpeg

With the right tools, systems, and mindsets, performing becomes a completely different experience!  Expect massive results!


Fueled by meaning and curiosity, and guided efficiently by a sound framework, your work will be infused with effective creativity,  that will unleash your full potential!


By redefining your approach to practice and performance preparation, you leave behind frustration and stagnation, and you reap the benefits of a highly fulfilling relationship with music-making!  As in, loving the practice room, rocking the stage, winning the job, and taking your career to new heights -  WHILE ENJOYING THE WHOLE PROCESS!


and discover if the Music Mastery Experience is for you!

"Renée has a very detailed and well thought out approach to teaching mindful practicing techniques and performance strategies. I highly recommend this program if you’re looking to reenergize your practicing with new ideas and hone your performing/audition methods. The group was also very supportive and I met a lot of interesting people!"

- Kathleen Covalt -

"I worked with Renée in preparation for a major recital for which I was feeling strong anxiety.  She guided me through a comprehensive and completely doable plan of exercises and techniques in order to not only survive on stage, but thrive!


The result was a recital where I felt completely calm, joyful, connected to the music and my recital colleague. In short, I'd never felt so comfortable on stage before.

I have kept these techniques with me and they have continued to nourish my performances, giving me continued joy and connection in everything from intimate recitals to large-scale concerts.


Renée possesses the rare combination of insight, warmth and comprehensive understanding of the on-stage experience to take anyone's anxiety-ridden performances to a place of joy."

- Laura Nerenberg -



Starting June 1st, I’m taking handful of motivated musicians on a journey to new artistic heights in a highly personalized, nurturing, and supportive group coaching experience!


The Music Mastery Experience


Three-month Peak Performance Summer Intensive + ongoing support and community… for life! 

That's right!  

Once you’re in the program, you’re in – FOR LIFE! 


Over the course of 12 weeks, from June 1st to August 31st, you will learn to direct your attention and your intention, and to channel them to a level of productivity, performance, and success you’ve never experienced before!


You will start seeing results from our first session, and you will experience a life-changing transformation by the end of the summer!


THEN, the growth continues!

Once your momentum is in full swing and you see incredible results, you will anchor your new habits and develop an empowered self-concept that will take you further in every aspect of your musical career.

Practice Make Over

We will tackle the elements necessary to take you from frustrated and stuck, to engaged and efficient in the practice room!


You will learn:


  • My signature Deep Practice Model™ to learn repertoire faster, better, and deeper

  • Mindful Mindsets that will increase your awareness, focus, and critical thinking in the practice room

  • Memorization techniques that you’ll remember 😉

  • Drills & skill builders that will improve your technique

  • Creativity tools to powerfully enhance practice

  • Self-recording techniques for maximum progress

  • Effective goal-setting methods

  • Efficient time management, planning, and tracking systems

  • Various learning processes and how to use them for maximum results


Performance Make Over

We will work on the techniques that will have you go from shaky to fully confident onstage and transform the way you perform forever!


We will cover:


  • The Mind Over Finger Peak Performance System™ 

  • My Audition Success Blueprint™ that will have you confident and strong

  • Mindful and exhaustive optimal performance prep methods that will have you completely ready

  • Physical preparation

  • Expressivity in music

  • Mental preparation & performance anxiety management

  • Adversity training and neuro-associative conditioning

  • How to reach a flow state in performance

  • How to do mock performances the right way

  • and more…

Feel empowered in the practice room, and experience impact, opportunities, and success on every front in your artistic career!


"Working with Renee is a wonderful experience. She puts a lot of time and effort in for the people in her program and has lots of wisdom to share. I feel like I can go to her with any issue I have and she will support me and help me through it. You should do this program because the concepts can also relate to how to deal with issues in life itself as well as in music. If you want to learn more about the process from sightreading that new piece all the way to performing it on stage, do it!!"
- Emily Zwijack -
"Working with and learning from Renée has been such a valuable experience for me in my musical life as well as my personal life. Each meeting leaves me with a renewed joy in practicing and understanding of mindfulness. I am consistently inspired by her genuineness and support."
- Bella Kelly -



I’m Renée — a violinist, teacher, high-performance coach, clinician, and personal growth junkie!


I’m also the host of the Mind Over Finger Podcast and the mom of 2 vivacious little ones!


I’m an active performer, teacher, and high-performance coach, and I help musicians develop the skills they need to practice and perform optimally and to rediscover their love and purpose for music-making!


The Music Mastery Experience is my passion project.  It grew out of my desire to help musicians of all levels develop the skills to practice more mindfully and achieve the results they want on stage and in life!


​To help my students raise their awareness and efficiency in the practice room, I brought together years of experience in the field with thorough academic research, and I developed a system which combines an effective deliberate practice frame with specific mindful mindsets, and I have seen the quality of my students’ performance improve.


In my studio and my online presence, my goal is to invite all musicians to pause and reflect before jumping into mindless action while practicing - to work in a more deliberate, purposeful and effective way, and realize that they can enjoy the process by bringing creativity in their problem-solving approach.

The art of practicing is so often associated with grueling, painful, unpleasant work - necessary evil to get from the starting point to the concert stage.



By being intentional, fully aware, and by feeling free to get as creative as we want in our practice, we can make practice itself become one of the most rewarding and fun parts of being a musician. And when the practicing part is handled this way, the performing soars like never before!


It is actually possible to get great results, progress rapidly, perform optimally, reap success, AND enjoy the process!


And I’m here to teach you how!


Want to join me



Here’s what you need to know.


  • This program is for all musicians.  All instruments welcome!

  • It doesn’t matter where you are currently in your journey! All that matters is that you are committed to expanding your impact in a big way.

  • This group is not just about practicing: it’s about going through transformation that empowers all aspects of your creative life. Be ready to get real (in a safe and supportive environment).

  • With my expertise and experience, I can cut to the chase quickly to identify the strategy that will best suit your unique situation. But it’s on you to step up and take action. 


and discover if the Music Mastery Experience is for you!

In the Music Mastery Experience, you’ll get targeted training, high impact strategies, and the support that will allow you to unleash your true potential!


Here’s what you get:

Three-month Peak Performance Summer Intensive + ongoing support and community… for life! 


June 1 to August 31, 2022


  • Peak Performance Summer Intensive 

  • 2-hour Getting Started group workshop 

  • 12 weekly Trainings 

  • 12 weekly group coachings

  • 2 Specialized trainings with guest experts

  • Final performance

  • Monthly mock performances


September 12, 2022 to May 12, 2023

  • Monthly workshop (advanced peak performance conditioning techniques, accomplishing big goals, gaining self-confidence, harnessing focus, etc.)

  • Monthly group coaching session

  • 2 Specialized trainings with guest experts

  • Mock performances

  • Final performances (December & May)




  • Detailed handouts & customizable practice charts

  • Private FB group

  • Accountability partnerships

  • Practice pods

  • Ongoing support




Once you’re in the program, you’re in – FOR LIFE!  You get lifetime access to all future MME updated additional recorded content + live trainings, workshops, expert sessions and 1 monthly coaching call


And if you're still hesitant, let me ask you this:

How much longer do you want to wait to start getting the results you want and are capable of? 

How much is it costing you to delay better opportunities in your career? 

Why wait when clarity is achievable now?  

Where would you be, a year from now, with the tools to perform at your best and the confidence to accomplish anything you set your mind to?


It's possible.  Let's make it happen for you.

The Music Mastery Experience offers you tools that will be

transferable to all aspects of your life. 

It will pay for itself many times over in the time and energy you save,

in new opportunities for your career, and in the enjoyment you experience.



One-time payment of $5,000.00 USD or 12 payments of $450


Consider choosing the Premium option for highly tailored and personalized guidance including 1:1 support that is all about you!  Here’s what you’ll get:​

  • 90-minute Kick-off Strategy Call to assess where you are, analyze your learning style, and go even deeper into your goals

  • 3 60-minute calls to get into the specific target areas of your playing and performance preparation and where I’ll provide extra support on all aspects of your process - to keep you moving forward as you step into new territory

  • Voxer/email support

One-time payment of $6,000.00 USD or 12 payments of $525

Ready to supercharge your musical foundation through a meaningful approach to music-making that supports your artistic growth and will boost your career?


and change your life today!

I can’t wait to chat with you!
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