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The Music Mastery Experience

[Final details and dates for 23/24 will be updated soon...  visit again!]


THE coaching program for musicians!


A 12-month (and beyond!) experience for all musicians




  • Effective practice systems and peak performance preparation tools that will have you enjoy playing, experience freedom, and excel in performance like never before

  • Transformative life coaching that will help you gain clarity and confidence

  • Inspiration, motivation, and unwavering support that will help you reach your big goals in a judgment-free and safe environment

  • Everything delivered in format that fits your busy lifestyle


You will notice the impact of MME in every area of your life – in how you think and take action, how you show up in the practice room, how you perform, and how you grow your career.

You will experience the powerful combination of transformative life coaching tools and advanced performance concepts to help you operate from a place of empowerment in every aspect of your life.




**Bonus Trainings - April and May**


  • Dates to be confirmed

  • Topics: 

    • Mind management for peak performance

    • High performance habit building

    • Time management for high productivity & life balance


Summer Intensive - June 1 to August 31, 2022


  • 2-hour Getting Started group workshop 

  • 12 weekly Trainings

    • Practicing Basics

    • Deep Practice ModelTM - Intentional Practice Frame

    • Deep Practice ModelTM  - Mindful Practice Techniques

    • Memorization Techniques 

    • Deep Practice ModelTM  - Mindful Mindsets

    • Mental Practice Strategies

    • Empowering Self-Compassion

    • Practicing Expression

    • Mental Preparation & Associative Conditioning

    • Performance Preparation

    • Achieving Flow in Performance

    • Developing Mental Strength 

  • 12 weekly group coachings

  • 2 Specialized trainings with guest experts

  • Final performance - week of August 22nd

  • Monthly mock performance


September 12, 2022 to May 12 , 2023


  • Monthly training/workshop 

    • Advanced Neuro-Associative Conditioning Concepts for Consistent Peak Performance

    • Setting and Achieving Big Goals

    • Developing Self-Confidence

    • Making Decisions

    • Managing Your Mind & Coaching Yourself to Create Incredible Growth

    • How To Harness Focus for Maximum Results in Music and Life

    • Nurturing Self-Alignment & Loving Yourself to The Future You Want as a Person and Artist

    • and more TBD based on the needs of the group

  • Monthly group coaching session

  • 2 Specialized trainings with guest experts

  • Mock performances

  • Final performances (December & May)




  • Private FB group

  • Tailored accountability partnerships

  • Practice pods

  • Ongoing support

  • Detailed handouts & customizable practice charts

  • Preferred rate for 1:1 coaching sessions



Once you’re in the program, you’re in – FOR LIFE!  You get lifetime access to all future MME iterations, including updated additional recorded content, live trainings, workshops, expert sessions and 1 monthly coaching call




Consider choosing the Premium option for highly tailored and personalized guidance including 1:1 support that is all about you

You receive:


  • 90-minute Kick-off Strategy Call to assess where you are, analyze your learning style, and go even deeper into your goals

  • 4 60-minute calls to get into the specific target areas of your playing and performance preparation and where I’ll provide extra support on all aspects of your process - to keep you moving forward as you step into new territory

  • Voxer/email support


Additional details:


  • You can use our private 1:1 sessions at any time, starting from the day you sign-up for the program

  • You get personal support from me via text/voxer/email/phone throughout the duration of the program (M-F, 9-5)

  • We can target any/all aspects needed to guarantee your success in your chosen endeavors – for example, we can work on specific actions goals, troubleshoot limiting beliefs, set up accountability for you – and cover any facets of your music-making activities and life, including your playing, your career, or your business goals and ways to increase your income.  The sessions can also follow a lesson/mock performance format, where you play for me to work on any aspect of playing/performing you’d like.


Book your call and enroll by March 30 to have access to these value-packed bonuses (spots are limited)

  • Free instant access to Practicing for Peak Performance - my 3-day performance workshop to get you practicing optimally RIGHT NOW (a $397 value)

  • 3 live Bonus Trainings & Coachings in April and May to get your transformation immediately

  • 1 45-minute private coaching session with me




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